Searching for Real Estate Information


Performing a New Search

Select "Property Search" in the menu.

You can search by Owner Name, Location Address, Parcel Number, Prop ID, Legal Information, Section/Township/Range, Neighborhood, Subdivision, and Intersection.


Searching by Parcel

Use Parcel Search if you are interested in a single, specific property and know at least the first part of the parcel number.

  • If the parcel number contains dots and/or dashes, they are not required. (i.e. Searching for parcel number 012-345678.000 is the same as searching for parcel 12345678000)
  • Parcel Search will populate a list of matching parcels as you type and once you see the parcel you are looking for you can select it from the list or continue to type the complete parcel number and select the search button to bring up the result(s).


Searching by Owner

Use Owner Search if you are interested in searching for a specific owner and know either his or her first or last name.

  • Because owner names can be spelled differently than you might expect, or because the databases might not contain the proper spelling of an owner's name, try to keep your search as simple as possible. If too many results are returned, modify your search with more specific criteria.

  • Owner Search will search for properties owned by a person whose name starts with the characters you enter. This means that you can search for all properties that are owned by someone whose name starts with xyz.

  • As you type the owner names that match will begin to populate in a drop down list. For ease of use, if you see the Owner you are looking for as you type, select it from the drop down to pull up the result(s).


Searching by Location Address

Use Location Address Search if you are interested in searching for properties by address.

  • When using Exact Address Match, start typing the address and select an option from the drop down list. 

  • Address Search will search for address numbers, street directions and street names that start with the characters you enter. Furthermore, not all fields are required. This means that you can search for all properties on a street having a name that starts with xyz.

  • Street names can be spelled differently than you might expect, or they may be spelled incorrectly in the database. If an address search isn't working for you, try searching with just the first few letters of the street name.


Searching by Intersection

Use Intersection Search if you are interested in finding the geographic location of a specific intersection. Note that performing an Intersection Search returns a map, not a list of properties like Parcel, Owner, Address and Advanced Searches do.

  • Choose your first street from the Major Street drop-down list.

  • Cross streets will take a few seconds to load. Once cross streets have loaded in the Cross Street drop-down list, choose your second street.

  • Once you are satisfied with your street selections, click Show On Map. You will be redirected to the interactive map and zoomed to the geographic location that intersection exists.



Using Quick Search

QuickSearch is located in the header at the top right part of the page. You can search by parcel number, owner or address from one textbox, but there are some restrictions on formatting.

If you are unsuccessful getting your desired results via QuickSearch, please try a dedicated search available on the Search page.


Viewing Search Results

Viewing search results is easier with Online Auditor. Sorting, paging, printing and saving to Excel are all supported on the Search Results page. Additionally, up to 100 results can be displayed on a single page. Click on the parcel number in the results to view the data for that parcel. Scroll down to learn more about specific topics.


Sorting Search Results

Sort search results by clicking the title of the column you want to sort by. Sorting is bi-directional, which means you can sort in ascending or descending order; just click the column again. Sorting orders the entire result set, not just the results on the current page.


Mapping Search Results

Click the Map link from the map column of the results to open that parcel on the map.


Printing Search Results

Click the printer icon when you want to print a hard copy of your results. Clicking this link does not immediately print your results. Instead it links to a page where you can preview your results before you select your printer destination.


Share Search Results

Click the share button  in the toolbox to share your results. You can share your results on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 


Submit a Data Correction

To submit a data correction if you see something that needs to be corrected, please select the data correction icon

Notes about exporting results:

  • Click here to download Excel Viewer 2003 free from Microsoft.

  • Mailing lists created on this website cannot be used to aid in the solicitation of goods or services.


Create Mailing Labels

Mailing labels can be exported in Address labels (5160) format, Excel(.xlsx), comma delimited (.csv) or tab delimited(.tab). The labels can be downloaded and saved on your computer.

Data Field Export

Data Field Exports are available in Excel, comma delimited (.csv) or tab delimited(.tab) files that contain property information in table form. The reports are downloaded and saved on your computer to be viewed by a spreadsheet program on your computer. The most popular spreadsheet viewing program is Microsoft Excel. When you open the sales report in Microsoft Excel, each property is a row in the table and each property has fields displayed as columns of the table.


  • Click here to download Excel Viewer 2003 free from Microsoft.